Black Widow Challenge – Chapter 1

First off, let me say this. I DON’T FOLLOW RULES. I MAKE EM UP AS I GO…

Yepp. OK.

Meet Leelee Amber Gellatly. Based off of a good friend… (I hope she doesn’t mind lol)

I made her as I do with all my sims, in Body Shop… you can d/l her here.

What’s a BWC without a trip to Londoste? Lots of loaded men there… women too if that is your thing…

Meet Kampol Knight. Her first victim … I mean, husband.


NICE! See? It pays to go to Londoste!

[insert ironic music]

Since I am terrible at weddings, I had them exchange their vows on an empty lot…

[insert corny 80’s tv show theme]

I kind of wanted Kampol’s genes in this legacy so.. after like 3 tries, I got the baby chimes, and since I am impatient, I will cheat and use the TOLAD. F it. I am not waiting. Why?

Meet Shelby Barrett, Leelee’s next… you get it.

Meh… more later k?




I’m going to put a mish mash here…

I’m hopelessly obsessed. I have a DW that I post to daily, and that is here… and I have a DJ that I post to on occasion and that is here and then, I have my OD and that is here as well… in case you are wondering, that header of mine, is my grade 5 class photo. I am the short skinny girl in the front extreme left with her eyes closed -__-

My name is Sam, I love 80’s music, Taylor Swift and simming. I do have a Black Widow challenge underway… I have it in One Note… I will try and upload that soon. Right now, all I play are the Sims 2 (which I am really obsessed with btw) and the Sims 3. I want to buy the Sims 4 and maybe some expansion paks too.. but that will have to wait because I need to pay my internet bill and some other boring real life shit. LOL


Anyways, add me… I’m sure that the ghosts and dustbunnies will enjoy the company ^_^